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Thirroul, NSW, Australia
Hi, welcome to trainamn3801's model trains.Feel free to have a look around and leave a comment. There are models in various stages of construction. I have also traveled extensively around the Illawarra and South East regions taking pictures of trains and I hope to get them up soon for your viewing pleasure.

My Trains

Here are my train "sets". I do not model a particular era, just trains I like.

1. 4483 and 4903 with 12 NOFF Ore wagons.
Locos are TrainOrama RTR, wagons are 12 Columbia Models NOFF Ore wagons.

2. NR53 with 2 TraileRail trailers and 3 container wagons.
This train is headed by an RTR Austrains NR53 pulling 2 TraileRail trailers (from Bills Trains), with 3 Powerline/Freightline container wagons tagging along behind.

I am going to buy a pack of Auscision RQIW wagons to replace the 3 Freightline/Powerline ones and buy some more TraileRail trailers.

3. Burlington Northern 2150 with a short freight.

4. Santa Fe 5036 with 3 Passenger cars. I have now sold the passenger cars.

5. A proposed train is a 1980's era fuel train that will have my 4483 and 4903 in front of all 3 1980's packs of SDS Models NTAF tankers, for a total of 9 tanks.
For pictures see here