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Hi, welcome to trainamn3801's model trains.Feel free to have a look around and leave a comment. There are models in various stages of construction. I have also traveled extensively around the Illawarra and South East regions taking pictures of trains and I hope to get them up soon for your viewing pleasure.

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This page is for some of my best photos of real trains. It will be updated occasionally. To view my complete collection, please visit trainman3801, on Flickr

C's by the Sea
C505, C509 and C510 lead a loaded coal past Scarborough

2705, 3016 and 3526 wait at Couridjah

8011 shunting at Port Kembla

RL305 sits in Thirroul refuge with a spoil train.

8005 shunts at Port Kembla

8117 heads a domestic coalie past the Salt and Pepper Shakers at Cringilla

44206 and 44204 2
GM22, 44204 and 44206 arrive in Thirroul with a push pull ballast train.

H26 arrives at Thirroul

3642 at Wollongong

4001 and 44211 1 4
4001 departs Thirlmere on its relaunch special.

621 721 at Miranda
621/721 pass Miranda on the Cronulla branch. It is uncommon for a heritage train to operate on this branch.

NR62, NR110 and NR23 pass Thirroul with a late running and diverted 6AB6

DB96 3
BL28, 8257 and 8135 await permission to enter Thirroul yard ti collect a rake of coal hoppers.

7BM7 3
QRN's diverted 7BM7 crawls past Thirroul behind LDP006, 6006 and LDP005

8222, 8237, 8181, 8233 and 8231 sit in Thirroul down refuge.

In the rain....
IRA's T250 trip train crawls uphill at Marrickville with 4703 leading 4461 and 4463 on the rear.

T273 PHTH wagon test train passes Stanwell Park behind G513.

POTA's diverted 8114 passes Thirroul behind 8037 and 8044.

CFCLA's VL352 and RailPower's S312 lead an El Zorro grain train past Unanderra. S312 hadn't even been in service for 6 hours when I took this photo.

This isn't unusual any more!
8139, BL28 and BL35 have just arrived from Port Kembla to collect the rake of coal hoppers they are coupled to, which were dropped off the night before.

8102 shunting at Port Kembla

C502, 44204, 44206 and C503 lead SSR's NW07 coal past Thirroul

Picton Shuttle
3526 (with 3237 on the other end) climb Thirlmere bank.

Running Around
3265 and 2705 recouple to their train after running around at Buxton

C502, C503 and 44206 lead LS01 SSR coal past Thirroul.

M602 3
4827 and 4819 pause at Thirroul with M602 empty rail/loaded ballast train.

4520 and 44211 lead a St James Rail tour through Thirroul

44206, (offline) KL82 and 44204 pass Thirroul with 9907 ballast to Bombo. This train started in the yard here.

NR61 and NR79 pass Thirroul with diverted 9227 limestone.

7006 sits silently on the turntable at Thirlmere.

CLF7 and CLF4 roll past Thirroul with 6MS9 diverted freight. Here they will enter the refuge to let a passenger service overtake.

M35 and M30 arrive at Casula with a City-bound service.

All is silent
4814 and 4477 sit at Yennora awaiting departure time with their trip train.

T280 2
869 and 4471 arrive at Yenora with POTA's T280 trip train from Port Botany

DC2206, LQ3122 and LZ3101 roll through Thirroul with QRN/ARG's grain train.

NR85 and NR62 form a colourful combo at the head of 7MB4 at Hawkesbury River.

C508 and G514 head 32 Centenial Coal PHTH hoppers, heading for Clarence mine in the Blue Mountains.

8169 and 8179 roll through Thirroul with 9138 Manildra containers from Bomaderry to Botany.

Diverted 6MB4 speeds through Thirroul with NR101, NR52 and NR93

3958 3
LZ3101, LZ3103 and LQ3122 depart Thirroul refuge with QRN/ARG's 3958 loaded grain.

3526 stomps through Coledale with the Rail and Sail to Wollongong.

8101 and 8155 slowly draw to a halt at Thirroul to recieve premission from the hand signaller to enter the possesion.

3958 1
LQ3122, LZ3103 and LZ3103 slow to recieve permission to enter the possesion, and let a hi-rail exit.

M633 1
4827 and 4473 sit in Thirroul refuge with the Robel railset. Here they will run around and propel into the possesion

CHP's 7 and 1 pass through Picton with an ARTC inspection train to Junee.

NR109, NR41 and AN8 slide past Thirroul with the first WB3 of the season.

8182 and 8170 arrive at Moss Vale with a limestone Yo-Yo from Berrima.

9823 2
BL30 and 8109 wait at Moss Vale with 9823 grain.

LZ3103, LZ3101 and LQ3122 roll through Moss Vale with the QRN grain.

RR64 1
RR64 gringing rails at Thirroul

NR17 and AN7 compare noses at Port Kembla North Yard.

All my christmasses have come at once!!!!!
AN7 in Port Kembla North Yard

3958 1
LZ3103, LQ3122 and LZ3101 wait in Thirroul up siding with 3958 loaded grain.

4520 and 4490 chug through East Hills with an empty cars transfer for the NSWRTM's Melbourne Cup Aurora.

H18 speeds through Coledale with a service to Kiama.

4490 and 4520 glide through Coledale with the NSWRTM's Melbourne Cup Aurora to Melbourne.

4520, 4490 and 44211 pass Thirroul with the 30th Anniversery of St James Rail charter.

LZ3103, DC2206 and LZ3101 roll through Thirroul refuge, presumably performing a rail clean with the QRN Grain.

With all 3 PN liveries on the one train, NR103 (PN Trial), NR29 (PN no stars) and NR37 (PN Stars) power through Thirroul with 2WB3 steel, 20 minutes into its 2 day long journey.

3WB3 steel passes Thirroul with the colourful combo of NR66, NR18 and AN7.

8140 and 8161 roll out of Thirroul up refuge with 1933 stone train to Dunmore.

Random Manildra Train
With an incredible 4 81's on the point, a down Manildra Flour train powers through Tempe with 8159, 8179, 8169 and 8174.

LS98 1
8230, C510, DL38 and C509 arrive in Thirroul refuge with LS98 loaded coal.

8922 loaded export grain from Red Bend passes through Unanderra with 8162, L251 and 48158.

8180, 8108 and 9176 roll through Unanderra with 9321 empty grain.

LDP004 leads CLF3 and CLF2 through Thirroul with diverted 6MS9.

CFCLA's G515 rolls through Thirroul with D212 light engine move from Goulburn to Clyde yards. Here it will enter the yard to collect GL106 which is being towed by RL310.

RL310 and GL106 roll through Coledale with a QUBE light engine movement.

At Thirroul RL310 will detach and continue south with G515 and GL106 returning to Clyde yard.

8183 and 8050 roar through Thirroul with 1907 empty balast to Bombo to load.

CB26 1
8253, C505, C506 and 8230 arrive in Thirroul refuge with CB26 loaded coal.

8253, G523 and G529 roll through Thirroul with CA62 loaded coal.

8245, 8208, DL45 and 8230 arrive into Thirroul refuge with CB96 loaded coal.

8124 takes a break in Port Kembla loco.

BL35 and 8142
BL35 and 8142 rest in Port Kembla loco.

4490, 4916 and 44211 arrive at Central, ending the NYE Escape tour that visited many towns that don't often see heritage trains in the north/north west of the state.

44211, 4916 and 4490 power up having just got the road through Campbelltown platform as they drag the Southern Aurora back to Thirlmere after the New Years Eve Escape tour.

T set
T33 and another T set are about to arrive into Sydenham on an Illawarra Line service to Bondi Junction.

MZ1440, 4703 and 4458 are stabled in the run around at Minto.

8177, Xxx and 481xx roll through Picton with an empty grain heading to Maldon to load.

NR74, NR58 and NR17 whine into Goulburn with 2PS7 superfreighter from Perth.

NR70 and NR11 glide through Goulburn with 3XW4, hot on the heels of 2PS7.

LZ3101 departs Goulburn as D258 to Port Kembla to meet up with DC2206, LZ3103 and LQ3122 and the rest of the train.

8168 2
With MZ1440 now at the head, 8168 continues north through Yerrinbool with MZ1440, failed MZ1446 and MZ1437

NR75 and NR45 power through Yerrinbool with 4BM4 Melbourne bound freight.

NR9 and NR121 roll through Kingsgrove with diverted 6NY3 steel.

LDP005 and LDP001 ease through Kingsgrove with diverted 5BM7.

T251 1
4463 leads the MIST train through Kingsgrove.

1253 1
42202 slows at Kingsgrove to let a few passengers overtake.

1253 2
42202 chatters through Panania with 1253 QRN feeder service from Yennora.

1213 1
G515, RL304 and 869 D/A rumble through Coledale with diverted 1213 QUBE service to Goulburn.

1213 2
G515, RL304 and 869 make for an unusual sight as they sit in Thirroul refuge with QUBE's 1213 container train to Goulburn.

NR117, AN1 and NR58 crawl past Thirroul with 7MB4 diverted freight.

NR80, NR11, NR70 and 8108 pass Thirroul with 4WB3 steel.

T251 1
4458 leads the MIST into Kingsgrove.

4BM7 1
LDP006 and LDP002 crawl into Kingsgrove with 4BM7.

4BM7 2
LDP006 and LDP002 crawl through Beverly Hills having just been let off the main at Kingsgrove.

NR46 and NR42 roll through Beverly Hills with 5NY3.

8173 and 8155 ease through Revesby with the cement train to Clyde.

NR22, NR10 and NR105 power through Thirroul with diverted 6MB4.

In a suprise move, DL44 leads 8163 through Thirroul with 1933 empty stone train.

In a rare lash-up, NR88 leads NR80 and NR62 past Thirroul with 3WB3 steel. NR62 and NR80 are the only NR class left with the logos of their former owner, National Rail.

8236, 8206, C505 and 8258 slow as they prepare to enter the up refuge at Thirroul. C505 is the only blue C left with South Coal.

CEY001, CEY002 and CEY003 make their first run on the Illawarra with SSR/Centenial Coal's LS01 empty test train to Lidsdale.

8123 and 48156 pass Thirroul with 1907 empty ballast.

CEY001, CEY002 and CEY003 wind through Wombarra with LS01 empty test train.

DL49 sits in the same spot as I saw it last time at Port Kembla loco. It and DL44 are the only locos left in the National Rail Arrowhead livery.

8004 idles away in Port Kembla loco.

G512 sits in Port Kembla loco, surrounded by PN locos.

Ghan liveried NR74 leads NR17 and NR106 past Thirroul with diverted 7MB4.

8207, 8249, G529 and 8181 pause in Thirroul refuge wile working CA70 loaded coal.

DL46 and DL44 make light work of 9132 loaded stone train as they power through Thirroul.

4306 and 4490 rumble through Scarborough with the NSW RTM's Australia Day Pacific Coaster to Berry and Bomaderry.

4490 and 4306 have now ran around their train and are sitting in the loop road at Bomaderry. Here they will soon by joined by 8138, 48157 and 48164 when they shunt out of the Manildra Mill.

Manildra Shunt 1
8138, 48157 and 48164 shunt out of Manildra's mill at Bomaderry.

8126, X48, 8133 and 8156 arrive into Bomaderry with 8938 flour train. X48 is the only of its class to be painted in the PN Stars livery.