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Thirroul, NSW, Australia
Hi, welcome to trainamn3801's model trains.Feel free to have a look around and leave a comment. There are models in various stages of construction. I have also traveled extensively around the Illawarra and South East regions taking pictures of trains and I hope to get them up soon for your viewing pleasure.

My Layout

This is my old layout. It was 2 loops inside each other. When this photo was taken I was waiting for some more track underlay to finish the curves. 2 trains could run in the same direction on both the loops at the same time, or one train could run on both loops.

My layout now looks like this:
It is almost finished, just got to fix up a bit of dodgy trackwork and make some new sections of underlay for the points, the oringinals for the first layout didn't fit too well. I am not going to do any scenery on this as the layout is too small, once I make a bigger, more permanant layout wih more gentle curves (both layouts use 18" radius curves) I will try and have a go. I am thinking of doing something like this, except with an intermodal yard (to run the TraileRail train to) in the bottom left corner, 22" radius curves, a branch line to an ore mine that I can run my ore train to and an oil refinery squeezed in somewhere, maybe comming off the bottom of the lower loop in the middle of the picture.